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Three Stray Bichon Frise - Dog Rescue Story

— #dog-rescue-video. 2021-02-23

The Encounter

It was a sunny morning of January, Brother Stone was on his way to buy foods for his rescued dogs. By chance he spot some little dogs lying on the side of the road. He parked and three little hungry Bechion Frise puppies were happily running towards him.

The puppies followed him to his car. The smallest puppy was the shyest, hiding under the car, playing hide and seek. Brother Stone grabbed them into the car.

There were so many stray dogs around the place. But fully grown stray dogs usually ran away from people.

Bichon Frise Puppies at the shelter

Brother Stone took the puppies to the shelter and feed them. No longer hungry, the little guys started to play in the yard. They were still shy, hiding from Stone.

The next day, one of the Bichon puppies started to play with Brother Stone. The little guy loved to bite. It was a bad habit - making him less adoptable.

Stone spent $250 to rent this yard for a year. In a rural location, the price was not bad.

Rock and Carrot were the large dogs. The little puppies played well with them. When Brother Stone rescued Rock and Carrot, they were as little as the Bichon puppies.

A few other little dogs had been adopted last month. However, their new owners rarely contacted Stone since then. Stone was still thinking of every little dogs that he had giving away, hoping to stay in touch with them all.

Another day of Bichon puppies

“No biting”, Stone was scolding the playful little puppy, while they were running around him in the yard.

What did the puppies play all day? Rock, the large dog, tearing the apart a large block of foam. The three little puppies followed his example.

Brother Stone lived in an apartment in the urban area nearby. He visited this yard once a day. When he was away, he was worried that someone might jump into his yard harming the little puppies. “I hope it was just me being paranoid”, Brother Stone murmured to himself.

A small branch, a large piece of leaf, anything can be the toy for the little puppies.

Puppies were eating so quick. But Rock, the large dog, was not hungry. Brother Stone made a nest for these small dogs.

Happy New Year to Bichon Frise Puppies

It was about Lunar New Year. “Happy New Year”.

Rock, the large dog, running around the little puppies.

Tug of war was Rock’s favoriate game. Rock happily won over the 3 little puppies all together.

The fence was no longer tall enough to keep the rescued dogs inside. Time passed, and puppies had grown up.

Bichon Frise Puppy at the Vet

The smallest Bichon was sick, no longer playing with other energetic puppies. Leaning against the tree, the poor little puppy rested.

The other Bichon’s were still bullying the smallest guy. But our sick little puppy was not at the mood to play.

“The Pet Store and Vet were still closed during the new year holiday,” Stone said, “what shall we do.”

Brother Stone took the sick Bichon puppy to the vet. Quickly the puppy was identified with Parvovirus infection, a common dog disease that takes life at 80% of chance.

The vet prepared to treat her with infusion. For being a small puppy, her veins were are too small to visualize under her fair skin, taking a while to make the insertion.

It was 9:00pm, Stone was still at the vet with the sick little Bichon.

The vet was closed. Stone took her back to his office for infusion. The puppy didn’t like the infusion. “Keep you arm straight”, Brother Stone lifted her arm, so that infusion can go through.

The sick puppy groaned constantly. It was 11:00pm.

Another day, another visit to the vet. Our sick puppy stayed at the vet this time.

Brother Stone needed to disinfect the yard. He was again paranoid of the people discovering his secret base for rescued puppies. He was doing all these by himself, driving back and forth among three places every day.

The third day of infusion: the puppy no longer groaned. She didn’t even have the strength to raise her head.

The next morning, the little guy quietly left us.

Brother Stone was saddened. “Peepee, my other puppy, survived parvovirus,” said Stone, “but he was a large dog.” Our little Bichon was too young. It had been hard for her.

“Rest in peace, little guy. Thanks for trusting me and warming my heart,” Stone said to himself.